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Urinary tract infections (cystitis, urethritis) are among the most common infectious diseases. At the age of 20 to 50 years, women are affected 50 times more frequently from urinary tract infections than men. In 90% of cases the cause of cystitis are bacteria – E. coli. The anatomical features of the female body are ideal conditions for the development of the most popular bacterial infections. E. coli is a natural inhabitant of the intestinal microflora.

Urinary tract infections in pregnant women deserve special attention, since untreated urinary tract infections and asymptomatic bacterium in current pregnancy is associated with an increased risk of pyelonephritis, premature birth, and other diseases.

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Why during pregnancy increases the risk of cystitis?

A pregnant woman’s uterus grows intensively and puts pressure on the bladder. This is the reason for more frequent urination, and the presence of residual urine and is a prerequisite for the development of cystitis. Another cause of cystitis is a reduction of local immunity in the urinary tract due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

Clinical symptoms and signs of cystitis:

Dysuria – urinary frequency with an element of urgency, “nocturia” (frequent urination at night), suprapubic discomfort and pain.Muddy and (or) bad-smelling urine, haematuria is registered in 40% of cases and is not a sign of a more serious infection. Do not ignore the asymptomatic bacteriuria! In most cases there is in pregnant women, so-called asymptomatic bacteriuria current – a condition in which no complaints cystitis, but increases the number of pathogenic bacteria in the urine and the risk of infection is very high. The screen displays the urine culture in surveys, when the disease occurs without clinical symptoms. In this case, the gynecologist does not prescribe antibiotics.

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Methods of treatment of cystitis in pregnant women

What can be recommended without bacteriuria pronounced symptoms to prevent possible infection of the urinary tract? Inasymptomatic bacteriuria antibiotic treatment does not apply, but in order to avoid possible infection, it is advisable to take the appropriate measures. Can recommend pregnant women eat plant foods and drink plenty of fluids. Morse is a natural product containing American cranberries, so it’s great for pregnant and nursing women. Morse reduces the number of bacteria in the urine, and reduces the risk of lower urinary tract infections.

Why repeated often become chronic cystitis?

The bacterium E. coli is the most common cause of urinary tract infections in humans – in 90% of cases.

What is the cause of this high frequency and the resistance to the treatment?

In the fine fibers (the surface of the bacteria cell walls are fimbriae), which, like the bacteria secrete the glue on the wall of the urinary tract, which hinders the process of separation of urine. Antibiotics often cannot completely destroy the colonies of bacteria in the urinary tract. And a few days after antibiotic treatment appears cystitis.

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November 9, 2016


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