How to reduce the chances of stroke

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Stroke is the leading cause of death in many countries, and it happens mostly due to the problems of insufficient blood supply to the brain. Due to the lower supply of blood, the brain cells don’t get sufficient oxygen and begin to die. A stroke occurs if the brain bursts or clots due to the lower supply of blood and many people die due to this severe problem. That’s why stroke also called as a brain attack.

A stroke occurs suddenly, and most of the strokes occur during sleep. Now there are three types of strokes: ischemic, hemorrhagic, and TIA. These different types of strokes have different symptoms like a headache, confusion, weaker vision, dizziness, and lack of coordination. Due to strokes, people can experience long- term problems or temporary disabilities. Sometimes, people experience other problems like depression, paralysis on one side or both sides of the body, etc.

Now, several risk factors cause stroke, but people can control these factors if they are aware of them. Everybody should take some steps to reduce the chances of stroke. Below are some ways to start reining the risk.

Reduce Weight

Excessive weight sometimes causes high blood pressure and diabetes, and these are the main factor in causing a stroke. People, who are overweight, should be concerned about stripping some of the extra weights and that reduces the chances of a stroke. People can lose weight by maintaining a proper diet chart and a workout routine.

Drink Alcohol

Drinking alcohol also lower the risk of stroke because it has resveratrol that protects the heart and brain. The people, who are suffering from heart diseases should take a little amount of alcohol a day. It can reduce the chances of stroke. However, do not make it a habit as high consume of alcohol may create other health hazards.

Regular Exercises

Regular exercises also reduce the chance of stroke. Exercise helps you to stay fit by improving the oxygen and blood flow and improving the functionality of heart. Regular exercise also helps you to reduce extra fat and reduces the chances of stroke or heart attacks.

Take Nootropic Supplements

Nootropics are the smart drugs that can enhance the brain function and reduce the heart disease. Nootropic agent “Piracetam” can improve the memory function and learning capacity and facilitate the recovery after stroke.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health. Regular smoking can thicken the blood and forms blood clots in the brain and result in a serious stroke. Quit smoking to reduces the risk of stroke.

Diabetes Treatment

Sometimes high blood sugar can also damage the blood vessels and create clots in the brains that can lead to stroke risks. So, everyone should control his/her blood sugar by doing exercise, and maintain a proper diet.

These are the best ways to help prevent a stroke. Unhealthy diet, irregularity of exercises, smoking, can increase the chances of this disease. But making changes to these habits and a little extra care can reduce the risk of stroke and give a healthy life ahead.

November 25, 2016

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