Is it healthy to skip dinner or breakfast to lose weight?

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There are many doubts about whether it is better or worse to skip some food to lose weight or if, on the contrary, this makes us hungrier and eat more impulsively in the next intake. In this article, we detail the pros and cons to losing weight more easily, with common sense and without unnecessary suffering.

Losing weight with common sense

People who plan to lose weight in a balanced way should always avoid the impulses when making miracle diets or important restrictions. And these can lead to health problems and also to gain more weight later.

Losing weight should be the result of better nutrition, which gives us just the nutrients we need, neither more nor less. In this way, we will become accustomed to eating healthily, with some punctual whim, without sacrifices or suffering that worsens our mood.

Do you have anxiety about food?

If you are a person who is anxious about food, who cannot binge and uncontrolled avoiding foods that do not feel right, we recommend avoiding skipping any food.

If we do this, we will only increase the anguish and despair of eating.

  • On the contrary, it is recommended to make 5 or 6 meals a day, in small portions, chewing well.
  • We can also take some supplement to help us control anxiety, such as Bach flowers.

The most suitable Bach flowers are:

  • Sweet chestnut (Sweet Chesnut): For anxiety.
  • Cherry Plum (Cherry Plum): It helps to take control.
  • Pine (Pine): For guilt.
  • Impatience (Impatiens): It brings serenity and calms us.
  • White Chestnut (White Chesnut): For mental torment.

Do you have any illness or medication?

If we take some medication or we suffer from an illness we should not skip any food to lose weight, since the effects could be more harmful than healthy. In these cases, it is more important to choose healthy foods to lose weight progressively.

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Similarly, women should also be avoided during pregnancy and children, as well as people who are going to engage in sports or major efforts.

Do you have digestive disorders?

Skipping breakfast or dinner can be good advice if we suffer from a digestive disorder such as heartburn, gas or constipation, especially if we choose to avoid dinner.

In this way, we relieve the overload that the digestive system suffers from being eating at all hours and without having made the digestion of the previous food. In addition, the liver is an organ that regenerates in the early hours of the morning, as long as we are not doing the digestion.

The positive effects of skipping dinner will help us lose weight more easily and we will feel less swollen, lighter and more vital first thing in the morning.

Do you have willpower?

It is also a good choice for those people who have will power and are very consistent when they propose a discipline that gives them good results. In this case, yes we can try to skip breakfast or dinner and observe how we feel.

We should not eat less

It is very important to clarify that when skipping breakfast or dinner we must increase the food we eat in the following meals but in a healthy way.

That is, we will not lose weight by eating less, but by increasing the hours our body will be fasting and can, therefore, improve many vital functions to eliminate toxins and fats.

We will increase the consumption of healthy fats to feel satiated and avoid the sensation of hunger with foods like:

  • Coco .
  • Avocado .
  • Egg (by the yolk).
  • Blue Fish.
  • Nuts and seeds.

Does it really work?

Each body is different, and in weight loss, many issues influence, such as genetic, hormonal, metabolic factors, etc.

However, many people have noticed very positive effects not only on their weight but also on their health.

Of course, much more important than eating more or less amount and doing more or less meals is learning to listen to our body. So we can see what it is that does not feel good and what makes us gain weight.

We will also learn to choose more nutritious foods and avoid those that do not contribute anything and that, in addition, make us gain weight more easily.

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July 15, 2017

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