How to burn fat without going to the gym

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Whether you enjoy running, practicing martial arts, biking or even if you are one of those who likes to lift weights in a gym, you have to know that with any of these activities you are going to burn fat. It has been proven that these activities are not suitable if you want to burn fat, forget about running, swimming or riding a bike.

There are no magic formulas that help us eliminate fat accumulation if we do not take care of our diet. A correct diet to encourage the burning of calories will be the one in which we substitute carbohydrates, such as pasta, bread, potatoes, cookies or sweets, vegetables, fruits, fish, and vegetables, in the amount we need To feel satiated, and ensuring that we provide essential proteins and fats in sufficient quantity.

We will try to level or even reduce calorie intake to maintain a deficit between consumed and spent calories, although the diet is important, the practice of exercises to increase strength-resistance are very effective to lose body fat.

From the platform of online gyms, they propose exercises with a load of weight, either with exercises of self-load or with the own body or using the resistance of weights.

Some exercises to burn fat:

Here are some exercises that can help us burn fat, they are very simple to perform, but only a regular and constant practice will make the difference between achieving our goal and staying halfway.

Jump a bench:

We will jump a step of a bench with the feet together and then we will jump to the ground again.

Abdominal classic:

Tumbados, face down, with the hands on the ground at shoulder height, climb and descend the body, keeping as straight as a board.


Lie on your back, arms resting on the floor and glued to your body, raise your legs to a right angle and descend gently, to the original position.

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Sit on your back with your hands on the back of your neck, try to touch each elbow with your knee on the opposite side.


We will grab the bar with our hands towards us, we will rise, until the head exceeds the bar, above the bar.

Squats: We will put the feet at the level of the shoulders, we will go down and we will raise the trunk, maintaining, at all times, the back straight.


Lie face down, we will learn on the forearms and the tips of the feet, and thus we will maintain, like a table, during 15 seconds.

April 19, 2017

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