5 Tips From Our Fitness Experts For 2017

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If you intend to improve your health with exercise and food, at Best Facials in Manhattan we are ready to give you the support to achieve it since the beginning of the year. Our team of expert coaches offers you five valuable tips for achieving your 2017 goals. 

  1. Choose Your Preferred Activity.

Choose Your Preferred Activity

Do you feel better exercising outdoors, performing routines in the gym or practicing a sport? We have everything covered for unforgettable training. Participate in daily Zumba, Pilates or Spinning classes, play tennis , clay pigeon shooting and horseback riding , or try water sports you’ve never done before. And of course, put your skill and endurance to the test with several rounds of our star sport: golf !

  1. Set Goals.

Set Goals.

Before starting a plan it is fundamental to consult with professionals. We have a Physical Therapy center where specialists in sports medicine and physiotherapy carry out personalized evaluations and rehabilitation treatments. Personal trainers are also available to design exercise programs for both the Fitness Center and sessions in the comfort of your villa.

  1. Find The Perfect Accessories.

Find The Perfect Accessories

Part of the motivation comes from looking for gym clothes that fit every discipline. We invite you to stop by our specialized stores where you can find clothes, footwear and accessories that will maximize your routine. Do not forget the sunscreen!

  1. Plan Your Meals Without Stress.

Plan Your Meals Without Stress.

We guarantee you that the word “diet” will no longer be frightening. With the help of our team of housekeeper and butler, Chef In Villa’s service will allow you to have the menu of the week ready in a few hours, with the advantage of our supermarket offering you fresh, varied and organic ingredients. If you decide to eat out, all the restaurants in the Resort have light options. Salads at Restaurant, Pubbelly Sushi Ceviche and La Caña Mediterranean Selection are some of the dishes that fit the body and soul.

  1. Relax And Enjoy!

Relax And Enjoy

Consistency and patience are the keys to creating strong habits. You are not alone on your path to wellness: remember to note and share your progress, pamper yourself whenever you can and even enjoy cheat days without guilt, knowing that you have our experience to resume your approach to a fuller life.

Keeping fit is not just a matter of aesthetics, it is also a goal of health and a choice of healthy life.Making a routine change in Waxing in NYC, with its idyllic location and the facilities offered by a team of experts, is much easier and inspiring for those who want to adopt a new lifestyle. We are here to help you dream!

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January 30, 2017

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